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How to send emergency alarm application/software for housing and apartment societies?

An emergency is the thing which beyond our control. We cannot prevent any emergency to happen the only way we can take preventive measures. Every society has its own management system to tackle the situation of emergency but many time that system not work on time. To fight against emergency situations like fire, theft, property damage etc a reliable emergency management software is require.Emergency alarm feature of society notebook is specifically design for society members safety and security. In Emergency alarms are useful when some emergency occur and needed immediateSEE DETAILS

Is it possible to send message to all society residents in one click?

Managing committee of very society is responsible for running society operations easily. Effective society meeting management is therefore responsibility of every management member. Some time committee is unable to take any decision and need resident opinion. However meeting is good option for committee members . Though meetings are good option but sending meeting invitation individually to all member is not possible every time.Now managing society meeting is very easy. Meeting management feature of society notebook help committee member for effective society meeting management by managing meeting in simple way. WithSEE DETAILS

Manage Accounts and Reports is easy now

Reports are effective medium to check society progress. It is easy to track society improvement and progress through reports. Managing report and accounting is therefore very important and high priority job for societies now days, digital solution is necessary for this. Here is the solution, managing report and accounting system of society notebook make your task very simple and easy.Society notebook is wonderful tool for managing reports and account management.Generating report from anytime and anywhere is possible now. you can generate reports and account statement just on one click. youSEE DETAILS

Effective meeting management with society notebook

Meeting is a good way of communication between management members and society members. Management committee discuss society issues and improvements with their members through meetings. Effective meeting management is therefore very important for every society ultimately results into good society management and efficient society operations.A strong and effective management software is needed in such situation to efficiently tackle all the problems related to society functioning. in order to help the Management team in the process of society management, we provide them broadcast feature of society notebook where they can sendSEE DETAILS

How to allocate sticker and parking in housing society?

In housing society is a place where many people leave together. There is always a issue of parking spaces because of  increasing vehicles. As a result, society members need to face parking space issues for their vehicle. To allocate proper parking space is a matter of concern for many societies. Many societies searching for a solution on this issues, perfect solution for parking space issue within society issue is society notebook parking management application. Parking management feature of society notebook is design with the concept of smart parking that help toSEE DETAILS

How to record expected visitors in visitor management system?

In society with large number of units. Number of guest arrives are also more. Maintain record of all these guest manually is not possible. Many time guest arrive in society to meet resident but resident member is not available at home. Also, many time guard is not sure about the visitor. Visitor verification is necessary for security purpose.  For such situation it is necessary to notify your guard about your visitor. Add expected visitor for hassle free visitor management.With society guard you can add your expected visitor to make visitorSEE DETAILS

How to generate servant/Bai attendance in housing apartment community app?

Service staff plays key role in our day to day life. We all are somehow dependent on our staff to complete our daily routine job. For societies, society staff is very important in residence convenience point of view. For society with large number of units it is therefore important to maintain proper staff record for society security.  As society resident are depends on society staff so keep record of each staff attendance is a very essential for them but track staff attendance record for everyday is not possible. Manage yourSEE DETAILS

How to find visitor history in visitor management system?

Society Guard records visitor in and out to the society, apartment and other places. Whenever visitor enter in society guard need to ask for visitor approval  to allow visitor to enter into society premises. Also, inform visitor if visitor mark an in-appropriate by any resident of society. If same user has arrived to meet particular resident again then he need enter that visitor’s details again. Maintain history of every visitor in one common place is always a better is very time consuming task for guard also to keeps recordSEE DETAILS

How to verify residents and tenants of housing community society?

Security is a major issue now a day for every society. Every society has their own way to maintain residents record. Maintain resident data and record is easy but verify that record is many time a hard job for societies specially when society has large number of unit. Now, verify residence and tenant with residence scan feature. Society guard is a best software that provide housing security to with residence scan feature along with visitor management and staff management.Verify residence and tenant with residence scan. With this feature, society guardSEE DETAILS

Any Visitor Management Support Multi Language?

Easy to use and simple to understand are key feature of software for it’s popularity. In this modern age, where no one has enough time to spent on tedious tasks.  Due to lack of time one wants to use software that is difficult and time consuming. Specially for society staff including society guard. Many time staff society guard is not that much educated to understand application language. At that time multi language support feature is helpful for them.It is easy to install and user friendly. The Multi Language support featureSEE DETAILS