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How to digitally manage expenses in society/apartment

In society where everyone wants to live a simple life without any complications in management. But as they live in housing societies, people need to share the responsibilities and handle all the functions of the society like maintenance of premises, paying utility bills, security and legal issues. All these are complex functions and it makes necessary to find solution like society management software.Every society management have to manage and maintain the transactions of expenses in day to day life. They have to store all the details of expenses like vendorSEE DETAILS

What is Society Management and need of Society Notebook

Today’s modern society needs a much modern solution for its management, which can reduce human efforts. Society members can’t run the activities smoothly without proper management like maintenance, parking, security etc. There is need to be establish committee of some people within the society for day to day activities.   “Why society management software”Housing societies are an immense responsibility to manage. With their sizes increasing everyday to take form similar to integrated townships, managing them has become task of its own.Complex data management: With society management software you can manage theSEE DETAILS

Society Security and Visitor Management

A gated society needs as strong a security system as possible. The best security is the one where humans and technology work together. Through security management app you can get real time view of who is entering the society and can have absolute control as to who you should allow or deny entry. System gives confidence whoever comes inside your house or society is authorised at the entrance of the society only.The system provides all the necessary records of all visitors to your flat and that records can be available anytimeSEE DETAILS

Collecting society maintenance is a tedious job

Maintenance charges collected from the members of society and calculated with the amount which is required for overall maintenance of the society. Maintenance charge which is paid monthly or annually by apartment resident to the society complex for upkeep of the common area. The remaining amount will be kept aside for future use of society.Late payment penalties have to be tracked and constantly added till payments are all cleared up. For the housing society management, making all the apartment related payments is cumbersome task and keeping records manually on papersSEE DETAILS

How to digitally handle resident complaints in society/apartment

In today’s modern generation society size increases day by day and there is need to be proper management. The members of the society faces some issues in their daily routine related to the society like water issue, parking, lift etc. If society don’t have property manager then it will be difficult to handle the issues or complaints of the society members.The society management can solve all the complaints of their society members. But society management doesn’t have the management software then it will be difficult and time consuming, if theySEE DETAILS