Society Management

Collecting society maintenance is a tedious job

Maintenance charges collected from the members of society and calculated with the amount which is required for overall maintenance of the society. Maintenance charge which is paid monthly or annually by apartment resident to the society complex for upkeep of the common area. The remaining amount will be kept aside for future use of society.
Late payment penalties have to be tracked and constantly added till payments are all cleared up.
For the housing society management, making all the apartment related payments is cumbersome task and keeping records manually on papers becomes unmanageable and difficult to access. So, you can manage your society maintenance transactions conveniently with the society management application.

“What SnB application provides”
For the late payment of maintenance, system will generate reminders constantly through message and Email. And because of that, most of the society members pay the maintenance charge on time. It will helpful to increase growth in income of the society.
All maintenance charges deposited directly to the account of society and society members get acknowledgement instantly.
Members will get multiple payment options like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI and Net Banking.
If payment made through other transaction like Cash, Cheque or NEFT then user can add the details of mode of payment with attachment.
It remove manual intervention of management to add payment detail in the system. as all the detail of payment is already added by the resident.
Reconciliation is simple to the society management.
The society management get defaulters report instantly.
SnB app provides every single transaction details of the maintenance to the society if needed.



Society Notebook Liife Time Free

SnB (Society Notebook) is LIFE TIME FREE end-to-end solution for housing/apartment residential community “called Housing Society” to manage their day-to-day activities, security and accounting. The Housing Society collects money from residents to maintain common area and property. SnB makes housing society digital and track payments, expenses, taxes, vendors, employees, complaints, communications, meetings, amenities, assets, vehicles, documents.