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Payment Management

Get maintenance, events and amenities payment direct in community / society bank account through UPI, credit card, debit card or net banking online payment; and generate accounting and pending balance report in just one click. 
pay maintenance online

Expense Management

Track community expenses and attach receipt in society notebook; and generate tax reports like GST report, TDS reports and other financial accounting reports in just one click.
track expense and attach receipt. manage expense accounting and taxes

Accounting & Reports

Society notebook accounting system make your accounts management simple and easy. Generate financial and accounting statement in just one click from anywhere and anytime. Get real-time reports and notify for pending balance payment through SMS, device notification and email.
Housing and apartment community financial accounting and reports

Digital Invoice & Receipt

GO PAPERLESS and generate maintenance invoice and payment receipt of any dates at anytime and anywhere for personal accounting.
go paperless, export invoice and receipt.

Amenities & Event Booking

No need to maintain the booking register for community/society common premises. Society Notebook App manages available dates of premises, provide online booking service, auto calculate charges and also pay booking charges online.
book amenities and pay charges online.

Meeting Management

Schedule meeting and invite all members or particular group. Get notification before meeting and send minute of meeting to the members. Upload notices in society notebook notice board that can view and download by community members.

Helpdesk & Broadcast

Easily maintain and group different types of complaints and service requests. Notify the progress and provide action taken on complaint and service request with attach photos and comments. 
Helpdesk to manage complaint and service request

Vendor Management

No need to maintain attendance register for staff and other vendors. Add vendors and manage their accounting direct in society notebook app. Attach vendor's invoices, deduct the taxes like GST and TDS, and set payment reminder.
manage housing and apartment society vendors invoice and accounting

Parking Management

Manage parking and stop vehicle to do wrong parking will never be easy. Society Notebook provides easy way to manage reserved parking for vehicles and smart notification process for wrong parking. 
apartment and housing community parking management

Document Management

Maintain all apartment and housing society related document in one place. Maintain leasing agreement of apartment and auto notification if agreement is near to expire. 
share documents and photos to the community residents

Polling & Notice Board

Society Notebook app makes the voting process very easy. Just create a poll, give the option, set the rules and publish for residents to vote. The residents keep notify before polling start and close to end.  Create notice of polling result and share digitally society notebook notice board.
Real time polling by society management body and other members
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