Society Security

Society Security and Visitor Management

A gated society needs as strong a security system as possible. The best security is the one where humans and technology work together.
Through security management app you can get real time view of who is entering the society and can have absolute control as to who you should allow or deny entry. System gives confidence whoever comes inside your house or society is authorised at the entrance of the society only.
The system provides all the necessary records of all visitors to your flat and that records can be available anytime and anywhere at your fingertips. The recorded data is very important in emergency case and also for future use.

Features/Benefits to Residents: “Worry less about the security”

  • You can Validate visitors from your mobile phone even if intercom is down!
You can receive real time notifications on visitors coming to your home.
Immediate help during emergencies from security guard to society members.
You can manage staff attendance (Cook, maid, nanny, driver).
You can welcome to coming visitors, by entering them as Expected visitor.

Features/Benefits to Society office or management committee:
User can manage security processes anywhere and anytime through application.
Better transparency into security processes and optimise security costs.
Because of the accurate data capture at the security gate user can prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel etc.

Features/Benefits to Security guards:
No need to keep data manually in registers. User can do the all things with tablet/mobile phone.
Prevent to unexpected visitor trying to enter your apartment complex.
User can verify contact details of visitors, capture photos, monitor overstay.
User get benefit of faster check-ins, gets rid of queues at security gate.



Society Notebook Liife Time Free

SnB (Society Notebook) is LIFE TIME FREE end-to-end solution for housing/apartment residential community “called Housing Society” to manage their day-to-day activities, security and accounting. The Housing Society collects money from residents to maintain common area and property. SnB makes housing society digital and track payments, expenses, taxes, vendors, employees, complaints, communications, meetings, amenities, assets, vehicles, documents.